Operation Brief

There are currently over 11,000 refugees housed on the islands of Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Kos and Rhodes. There are more refugees coming through the north-eastern Greek border from Turkey every day.
According to IOM, through July 15, 2018, the total number of sea arrivals to Greek territory since January 1st is 14,678. April remains the busiest month for irregular migration by land and sea to Greece, with a total of 7,009 men, women and children arriving. February was the lowest with 1,610.
Since 2015, over 100,000 refugees have passed through Lesvos Island. There are 2 refugee camps on the island.

All new arrivals are brought to the largest and main camp, Moria, outside of the city of Mytilini, where they are registered and given a full medical screening. The Greek Police and Army oversee the running of the camp and Keelpno is the governmental organisation which is responsible for the refugees’ healthcare on Lesvos.

MedGlobal will be sending medical volunteers to work in the Moria Refugee Camp, where there are 8,000 refugees housed in a camp designed for 3,000. There are 4 healthcare NGOs working in the Moria Camp providing acute and chronic care, however, due to the overcrowding of the camp it is extremely difficult to get access to health care.In addition, and based on the availability of volunteers, we may send medical volunteers to the other Greek islands and to near the northern border of Turkey.


More than 60,000 asylum seekers in Greece

8000 refugee/migrants from Syria, Iraq and north Africa housed in the Moria camp.

1422 migrants have died in the Mediterranean in 2018

MedGlobal in Greece

MedGlobal team has been deployed to Rohingya since 201X, providing

  • Women & children healthcare
  • Primary care services
  • 24/7 Clinical Care



MedGlobal will be delivering primary care services to the refugee population in the Philos Kleepno primary care clinic. We are looking for primary care physicians who are comfortable treating both children and adults. There is a minimum 3 week commitment and free accommodations will be provided. Missions currently scheduled through December 2018.

MedGlobal needs your continued support to help provide high quality medical care for the most underserved communities around the world. Your donations will plant a smile on a child, relieve the pain of a woman, reduce the stress of an elder, and help support those who have already suffered so much to breathe a little easier.